If you can't get enough of the movie theater experience, then a dedicated home theater is just for you. These private movie theaters combine ultra crisp projectors, high-end surround sound systems, complete room control, and acoustical wall treatments.

HOME ENTERTAINMET SYSTEMS designs each dedicated home theater system to meet every functionality requirement desired while keeping the room aesthetically pleasing. You can chose numerous styles and looks for your home theater. Our software programs will ensure the perfect audio levels and picture quality. Now's the time to create the movie theater in your home.

Furthermore, all aspects of the room can be controlled through a single wireless touchpanel. The curtains will open, the projector will turn on, the lights will dim, the movie will start playing, and the surround sound will give you goosebumps. You will be able to control the whole home theater with the touch of your finger. This is truly convienence at your fingertips.

If you know what type of system you want...great! If not, we can help you out by engineering the system and coordinating with your architect, builder, construction manager, etc... to make sure that the system is professionally completed in a timely manner

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