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Flat panels TVs:
No job is too small for us. We work with you to find the perfect and less-obstructive location for your flat panel or TV. Further,  the flat screen might disappear when not in use or be behind a mirror.

Home automation:
Automation is at the touch of a button. Technology is being combined to simplify and enhance the quality of life. The best investment you would do to emphasize the value of your home.  Imagine an universal remote control for your entire house.

Media rooms audio/video integration:
Access all your entertainment media from any room in your home. Listen to music through the entirely house and watch DSS, DVD, Media Player and Blue Ray from every single room without worry about where the equipment is located. You would have a rack with all these gears integrated on it or have it hiding in a closet in a custom design cabinets; we work with you to give you the more esthetic and affordable solution.
No matter the room where you are in, your preferred mood is right at your fingertips.

Projector / Screen Installation:
We know how install any projector and any screen. We worked with the distance, size and material of the screen, we determinate the brightness of the projector and its location, we defined the best installation for each design using these characteristic and our Knowledge to install the right large screen projection system for you.

Home structured wiring:
A vision of the future: your house will be technology ready. Installing the wire meanwhile in construction  or remodeling phase is a valuable investment, running cables after becomes more expensive not to mention the inconvenience of working once everything is on place.

Home theater design:
Imagine with a single press of a button to dim the lights, open the curtains, turn on the projector and start playing your favorite movie with the audio adjusted to a certain level: a virtual theater inside your house.
Feel like in the best theaters having the latest technology in the privacy of your home with unbelievable sound and picture. We use Dolby Digital, DTS surround (high-end surround systems) , HDTV and Digital projection for sophisticated solutions, but a home theater would be also as simple as a flat screen integrated with an advanced sound system. We  work around your budge  to create a perfect environment for entertaining.

Whole house audio:
Tune into your favorite XM satellite radio station in any room and listen to the same music all over the entirely house or set different scenes for each zone of your house. Play a CD or control your IPOD from the pool or the kitchen: instant access to your favorite settings from anywhere inside/outside your house. All of this can be accomplish with the right budge


















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